I’d rather be single then love someone who didn’t appreciate my heart.

(via lionsweare)

Will you be my penguin and I'll be your ice? -secret admirer

this is legit the cutest pickup line ever omfg xoxo

Hi my crush is slowly growing on you... Can I just be 18 now so we can date? -secret admirer

awwww, babe you’re too precious

I'll be your pillow... Just give a time and place and I'll be on the next flight to you :) -secret admirer

come to me now and we’ll cuddle and watch the amazing world of gumball

Save me a spot next you,I'm coming to cuddle with you -secret admirer

please do, my dog sucks at it (he’s more like a pillow tbh)

Hey it's your secret anon admirer...just thought I'd let you know ily <3

bless you, secret admirer, you should keep talking to me xoxo

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